Abbotsford is evolving rapidly but just outside the city center it abounds with acreage properties.  These properties include the commercial farms for livestock, residential homes, hobby farms and agriculture farm land where some of the best produce in BC is grown and harvested.

Acreage for sale in Abbotsford offers many options for you

If you are looking for acreage there are so many options for you.  Particularly in blueberry fields, farming agricultural land. sheep, livestock, cows, llamas, chickens, or growing produce.


You can buy acres of fertile farming land across Abbotsford. Abbotsford areage for sale have exceptional exposure to all the right elements and boasts the ideal scenic locations. Make your dreams a reality by setting up an agricultural business like a nursery, blueberry farm or any other kind of farming venture and fulfill your dream while convenient situated in Abbotsford.


Use this convenient app to search the Google maps for acreage for sale Abbotsford for your dream property.


Homes on acreage properties offers luxurious living spaces , guest houses and employee living quaters.  Acreage for sale in Abbotsford provides comfortable living area for the owner and guests alike.. Perfect location for a farm or road side market! Call for more information regarding extra income. Bonus Lease/Royalty Income from property. This property has limitless possibilities.  View luxury homes for sale Abbotsford, acreage for sale Abbotsford, or listing for sale in Abbotsford.



 Kristy Dusdal is an experience Abbotsford realtor ready to meet your real estate needs and desires.


Kristy has lived in Abbotsford her whole life and knows the best neighbourhoods for you that will fit your future needs.



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Counting down the top 4 reasons why Abbotsford real estate is getting more popular than ever before.

#4-Abbotsford has that small town feeling you crave

Abbotsford still has that small town feeling.  A variety of Abbotsford real estate properties give off the positive small town feeling that you desire in your neighbourhood. When you are out in the community people still talk to you, open doors for you, and generously offer you a smile of goodwill.


Parks, trails, and trees are still abundant. Trees still line the roads and access to the trails and scenic parks are just minutes away waiting to be explored.  Unlike the concrete urban cities, local parks and trees provide the psychological warmth that your soul may desire. 


Raising a family in a small community allows for stability and life long friendships to grow. It may be time to consider the choices available to you among the Abbotsford real estate properties as you consider where to put down your family roots.   

#3- Relax in you own back yard

Abbotsford properties still have back yards.  If you grew up in a home that had a back yard you likely reveal in the fond memories of playing in that yard.  Most families want a back yard for their children to roam around in as a safe refuge from the outside world and to create fond memories of their own.

#2- More land for your money

According to the Aldergrove Star, land values continue to show positive signs of increase.  According to the Fraser Valley Real Estate board buyers are interested in real estate that involve purchasing land with a dwelling on it. 


It is interesting to note that the value of single value homes in the Fraser Valley is soaring compared to condominiums and townhomes.  Housing in general in the Fraser Valley offers larger square footage on properties. Larger square footage in your homes means more liveable areas for you and your family to grow up in.  

#1- Affordable opportunities to purchase land in Abbotford real estate

Affordability is foremost in the minds of buyers looking at Abbotsford real estate options.  Owning Vancouver real estate is out of reach for many potential home buyers now. The Fraser Valley continues to offer real estate options that allow the buyer to buy a home that is a good investment property to make a profit off of in years to come.  Is it time for your to establish family roots in a quiet community? Learn about affordable Abbotsford real estate properties where you can grow strong social connections in safe and scenic neighbourhoods.


Connect with Kristy Dusdal, a Abbotsford realtor, to learn more about the potential to buy your own home in Abbotsford.  View current Abbotsford real estate listings.








Landscape your yard

Landscaping your property can take your yard from zero to hero in a matter of hours. With the use of a disposal bin rental, the bin rental will act as the perfect accessory for a large landscaping or renovation project. Organize your waste materials into a minibins and schedule a pick up when the bin is full. This task will get your hands dirty but it leaves a lasting impression and can increase the value of your home.


De clutter

De cluttering your home can make or break a sale.  Create the right mood and allow potential buyers in your home be able to see themselves living in your home. Most people know that when you update your kitchen or bathroom it will add value to your home. A simple way to update your kitchen or bathroom  is to replace the cupboard doors with new doors, change the hardware to a modern style and add pull out kitchen drawers that you can install yourself.

Once you look organized your home will look cleaner and more liveable to others. Help it sell easier and save on the cost of custom made roll out drawers.  Kitchen organization should be a top priority when you declutter your home.  You can conveniently buy roll out drawers online here. 


Pest control

Pest control is important to a well maintained home. Jason,  from Solutions Pest Control, says to seal up small holes around the house particularly the small ones. Also properly maintain the roof shingles to ensure their are no leaks or cracks for small critters to get it. Once an animal is in wall or roof of your home, it can be very difficult to remove it. Keeping your home well maintained reduced the risk of internal damage or health concerns.

Learn more about home design ideas and DIY tips from a Blog Directory

Kristy Dusdal states that "keeping your home looking up to date is essential to having an easy to sell home.  Buyers are interested in a home that has been well cared for when they decide whether to purchase it as their new home. Be sure to keep up with the maintenance of your home" See the current real estate listing Abbotsford.




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Abbotsford acreage for sale has something to meet all your interests.  Abbotsford residents have very diverse interests. Don’t be surprised to see a pack of llamas, a local vineyard along with commercial farm, and then rows of corn for as far as you can see.  


Some acreage properties are perfect to raise horses. Some acreage are perfect for livestock like cows, chickens or sheep.  Abbotsford acreage for sale has a lot to offer residents with different interests or hobbies beyond the norm.


There is an abundance of commercial farming and livestock farms on the north and south ends of Abbotsford. With water supplies coming from the main rivers that flow through.


Raise horses, start a hobby farm, own acreage, plant your own garden, or invest in a commercial business and benefit from the local resources and experience that is abundant in Abbotsford.

Abbotsford acreage for sale offers something for everyone


If you have not guessed it yet, the reason why everyone love acreage for sale is that you can fulfill your dream and create what you want from it.  It could be as simple as your own garden to feed your family with, or build a guest house for when company comes to visit, or go as complex and creative with your ideas as you would like.


There is no greater feeling than having your own piece of land to do with it as you want.  

Speak to Kristy Dusdal about the acreage for sale Abbotsford.  View the farms for sale in Abbotsford listings.  Kristy grew up in Abbotsford and has the first hand knowledge and expertise to find you the right property that you desire.


Let me tell you!

As you enter the Fraser Valley the suburbs slowly turn into larger acreage properties and farms start to become more apparent.  In the distance, the presence of Mt. Baker stands tall and majestic across the distance towards where the farmland meets the mountain range.


At this point, you are likely in Abbotsford, BC.  To the south is sprawling farmland and to the north is Sumas mountain in the heart of central Abbotsford.

Minutes away is a quick US border crossing where you can purchase gas, food or travel to the states in a timely manner compared to the other 3 local land borders to the USA.     

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Abbotsford real estate offers stunning acreage rural views                                                      

The houses propped on Sumas mountain enjoy scenic sunset and mountain views. To the south you see the Vedder mountain range and majestic Mt. Baker that commands your respect and leaves you in awe of its enormous beauty on a daily basis.


To the North, the Gold Ears Peaks mountain range envelopes the lower mainland providing stunning views to all residents. Along the north side of Abbotsford, the Fraser river divides Abbotsford from Maple Rigde, Pitt Meadows and Mission.

Abbotsford real estate abounds with recreational activities

Hiking-  Hiking trails are abundant.  Take your dog for a walk or stroll the local trails for exercise and fresh mountain air. Along Sumas mountain is a section of the larger trail, Centennial Trail. View the Abbotsford district trails map for more information.

Fishing- There is easy access to the many rivers and lakes around the Abbotsford real estate properties. Popular fish to be caught are steelhead, coho salmon, rainbow lake trout, dolly varden, and Cutthroat. You will see the fisherman on the banks of the rivers close to half the year fishing for their favourite fish during its individual fishing season.

Back country activities- Whether you like back country mountain biking, river rafting, hiking, camping, dirt biking, or snowmobiling, Abbotsford real estate offers easy back country access.

Kristy Dusdal has grown up in the Abbotsford.  She has seen the growth that has happened to the region over the past decade.  Kristy's expert knowledge of the Abbotsford real estate market will have you finding your dream home quickly.  Speak to Kristy about Abbotsford acreage real estate properties, homes for sale in Abbotsford and the best place for you to live in Abbotsford that will meet your future needs. 

Abbotsford has a lower cost of living compared to Vancouver and metro Vancouver and the properties are larger.  In Abbotsford you can afford to have a house with a back yard for your kids to play in and get around town easily without much traffic to deal it.

Abbotsford has alot to offer families, college students, and seniors looking for an affordable place to live in the lower mainland.

Speak to Kristy Dusdal about your Abbotsford real estate property questions.


You have likely herad that curb appeal is important to selling your home easier.  Learn the most effective ways to improve your curb appeal in order to sell your home easier and possible quicker.  Curb appeal is the first step towards allowing a potential sellers to start off feeling like they can imagine themselves living in your home.

As a professional Abbotsford realtor, Kristy Dusdal states, “We all know first impressions are very important. The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers see and the appearance of your home will help them decide whether they want to explore further.”


Can an old roof really affect curb appeal?

We went straight to the local roofers at, Landmark Roofing Company, to hear why an old roof can affect your curb appeal.  After all, these roofers have the most experience with roof's and the impact that your roof tells about your home. 


A roof needing to be replaced may have a negative impact on a prospective homebuyer as the perception of an old, tired roof equates to a liability in the decision making process. Roof replacement  can give the exterior of your home a facelift and improve the curb appeal to attract buyers, not to mention in most cases you can pass on a substantial warranty.


Declutter your exterior yard equipment

declutter abbotsford real estateWith the use of a mobile storage unit, from Axcess mobile storage company, you can declutter your yard and leave your property exterior to speak for itself.  

Request a mobile storage unit to be delivered to your home so you can store sports equipment, personal items, expensive valuables, or recreational vehicles that will be protected from theft and neatly organized in a container area.

Easy landscaping ideas will improve your curb appeal

abbotsford real estate curb appeal ideasCedar hedging offers an impressive border along an older fence to create a living wall or border for added privacy from neighbours.

Fraser Valley Cedars has a variety of cedar trees and cedar hedging ideas that will instantly boost your curb appeal and yard appearance.

Speak to Kristy Dusdal to learn more tips on how to improve your curb appeal on your property.  Positive curb appeal will increase the value of your home and appeal to a wider audience.  Talk to me about a walk through of your home.  I will offer you ideas on how to improve your curb appeal for selling purposes.

speak to Kristy Dusdal


Home investors are a savy breed.  They are able to visualize and revitalize an old Abbotsford real estate property into something special and unique again. 


invest real estata langleyReal estate trading as known as "flipping a house" is a common term that you may have heard of.  With all the older homes in the Fraser Valley, this can be a viable option for those home investors that are able to maximize the profits while keeping a handle on the expenses of a renovation or home improvement project.


The buy and hold real estate investor normally rents out a newly renovated property and collects the rent acting as a landlord.  This home investor is the patient type that waits for the real estate property value to increase over time and pay off the mortgage in order to collect the rental fees free from debt.



Abbotsford has many different communities would be attractive to a home investor for the purposes to either remodel or as an investment property.  Heritage communites include Abbotsford West, Central Abbotsford, Matsqui, Sumas which boast older style homes.  Sumas Mountain has newer houses in the their neighbourhood. Abbotsford borders the township of Langley and Mission.


Abbotsford real estate is appealing to home owners because the divisity of the properties match the diversity of the Abbotsford population.  Some may want acreage and a farm house other may want a urban lifestyle to walk to local shops and amenities.


Kristy Dusdal can help you find the perfect investment property for sale in Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack to meet your needs.  Her experience and Abbotsford real estate knowledge finds the gems in this diverse market.


Turn something old into something luxurious looking to appeal to a wide range in the Langley real estate market.  No matter whether you are remodeling an older home, a townhouse or a run down looking apartment your imagination can be free to design and inspire others. 


Connect with Kristy Dusdal and speak with her about Abbotsford real estate listings.








1. Use a fantastic buyer's Agent; using the listing REALTOR® to purchase does NOT get you a better deal.
          Using the listing realtor to purchase the property does NOT get you a better deal. This belief has been spread by less ethically sound realtors looking to make extra dollars. Even in a competitive seller's market, it does not give you the advantage. The listing realtor may tell you that if you write the contract with them that they will cut their commission to make the deal sweeter for the owner of the property and more likely to accept your offer. In multiple offer situations, if the listing realtor is doing this, they HAVE to inform all of the other realtors submitting offers that one of the offers coming in is theirs and that they are cutting their commission. Obviously with this information the other offers will be adjusted and it's no more likely that your offer will be accepted. Additionally, you will not be exclusively represented by the listing realtor. This realtor is also representing the seller, they can not possibly have both of your best interests in mind when writing up a contract and that leaves you vulnerable to financial and other losses.
          It is very tough to be a buyer looking for a good deal in a competitive seller's market. It is important to have an agent that is working diligently on your investment opportunities. Seek out an agent that has the latest software technology that allows you to receive notifications and info about new listings before the general public. This gives you the advantage of being able to be first in line when you find the one that you want. 
          Be loyal to your agent. Your agent will be networking with every other realtor they have ever had contact with to find out if one of them has a listing that would match your criteria that hasn't come on the market yet or is being sold "exclusively". If you are setting up searches with multiple agents it is likely that they will find out. An agent who suspects that their client is working with other agents is much less motivated to spend their time and efforts helping you find a deal. They know that it is very likely you will purchase a property with another agent. As agents we don't get paid for our time, so it is very important on whom we spend it. As an investor, you are the golden ticket of clients, if we can count on your loyalty, you can count on us to go to the legal ends of the earth to profit you. 
          Post purchase, your agent should be able to give you advice in regards to the profitability of changes to the property like, adding another bathroom vs keeping one of the bedrooms or having a rec room in the basement vs an office and an additional bedroom. They should take in factors such as population, age and other demographics. When you are ready to sell your newly renovated home, you can be sure that the loyalty you have shown to your realtor will come out profitably for you and will continue throughout your business relationship. 
    2. Don't be fooled by what someone else is willing to pay for a certain property. 
          In charged markets like the one we are experiencing it can be difficult to not get caught up in the urgency and excitement when purchasing a home. Just because someone is willing to pay 'x' amount of dollars over asking price for a property doesn't mean that the property is worth what they are paying for it. Some people are willing to pay more than a property is worth to the average person because of sentimental or other crazy reasons. The property may not retain its' value or be profitable for the buyer, but sometimes they do not care.
          Before putting in an offer for a property, you need to do a careful cost/profit analysis to determine your maximum offer price and you need to stick to it. Things to factor in as costs associated to flipping properties include and are not limited to realtor fees, bank fees, notary fees, title transfer fees, property transfer tax, estimated adjusted property tax due. Some of these things you will be paying twice as you will be doing two transactions with this property. Of course there are costs associated with the actual renovations to factor in like demolition and rubbish removal, materials and supplies, ticketed trades persons, permits, possible rezoning, and more. Once you have figured out approximately how much it will cost you to purchase, renovate and re sell the home, you need to get advice from your experienced agent about approximately how much that home will sell for post renovations. On that advice, you need to decide if there is enough of a profit margin for you to take on the endeavor of flipping that home, or at least enough to put in an offer. 
    3. Plan for setbacks.
           There are so many variables to consider and think about when purchasing, renovating and then selling a property it can be intimidating. With the help of experienced professionals you can mitigate the risks as much as possible but there is always a chance that the unexpected can happen. Maybe there is a problem with the contract of purchase and sale that extends dates and costs you money in regards to property taxes, trades persons or other things. Maybe when you go to sell the property the buyer's inspector finds signs of an underground oil storage tank. Maybe there is suddenly a burst pipe or someone vandalizes the property. The point is that as much as we prepare for the worst there is always something that can go wrong. If you have a lump of cash set aside for just such an emergency you will able to deal with problems and issues more easily and effectively and with less stress. 
   4. Don't assume that the market will be the same from when you bought the property to when you are ready to sell the property.
         The real estate market is not one market, but a collection of many smaller markets.These markets are ever changing like waves, but less predictable. What may effect one aspect of the market immediately and tremendously may only effect another aspect of the market minimally and much later, if at all. There are many variables that could effect our real estate market conditions. Such as; our government imposing foreign purchasing rules, banks changing their lending policies or rates, CMHC changing their regulations, our ever changing elected government officials. Even other countries can effect our market by changing their laws rules or government. A diligent realtor will help keep on top of what is currently going on and help you make financially profitable choices for the future. 
   5. Hire an inspector.
         If you are considering flipping houses then you probably have a good general skill set when it comes to contracting and renovating. Most contractors do not want to hire an outside person to inspect a property that they have already looked over. The buyer for your renovated property IS going to hire an inspector. That inspector is trained to find many potential issues for the buyer and point those issues out to them. Even some issues that do not have to be big problems but they have a stigma attached to them that may scare the buyer away. Some things that can send buyers running are, signs of mildew in attics and crawl spaces, poly B plumbing, signs of an underground oil storage tank, asbestos in the attic, aluminum wiring and more. By hiring an inspector you can have the foresight into potential issues you may come across during renovations and avoid problems after offer acceptance that can collapse the deal. 
View the investor alert real estate lisings Abbbotford to find great fixer upper homes. And view acreage for sale in Abbotsford

A MLS listing number is a unique number attached to residential or commercial property which is listed on the real estate broker listing. With interest rates being some of the lowest, Canada’s real estate is a great place to invest.

People who are looking to buy houses or any commercial property can easily search, track and contact the party with the correct MLS number. With an exclusive MLS listing number for their properties, sellers have several advantages;

  1. Gives their property authenticity in today’s competitive market.
  2. Gives their property instant and a wide range of visibility across many real estate brokers.

I have been serving the population of Abbotsford and Langley for quite a long time.  I know people on both sides of a deal are looking for good value for money and security for their financial commitment. I have a clear understanding of the real estate market Abbotsford and Langley. 

I have some of the most advance selling tools and help you list and sell your property ASAP.  I have an interactive online marketing tool designed to help connect buyers and sellers quickly. My online services are available to all of my clients 24 hours a day. 

As I have been in this business for a long time and I have built an amazing and a wide list of clients. Every new listing is automatically sent to all prospective buyers present in my database. It allows selling properties to have an instant and direct reach to many potential buyers.

Your unique MLS number will allow you to track and communicate with various interested at any given time. One MLS number contains all information about your property. I will work alongside with you to find the perfect match for your personal and financial obligations.

I will work alongside with you to competitively list your residential or commercial property to get you the best price in the shortest amount of time.

To get more information about real estate listings Abbotsford, farms for sale in Abbotsford, acreage for sale in Abbotsford and see a variety of Abbotsford real estate listings I can help to get ahead faster, contact me today!


Leave a message on my website and I will call you at your convenience.


There are many resources for home buyers these days, from how-to-guides to online search sites. But a real estate agent has something that buyers, especially first time buyers, don’t have: experience. Best realtors in Langley will get you the best deal in the market and will work as your advocate.

  • Local expertise

Real estate agents have an experience with the real estate market. There is a high chance that you don’t know what the market is like in your area. Can you compete against several offers? What should be your expectations if you are looking for a three bedroom detached home? A reliable agent will counsel you regarding these topics. The only way to get your offer accepted at a price that favors you is to understand the market.

  • Access to homes

Getting into a home would be difficult without the help of an agent. Sellers are often happy to le an agent access the code to their lockbox. But they wouldn’t allow an unlicensed person to access the homes. That means that you have to visit the home only when the seller is available, which can be time consuming and strenuous. You can visit Abbotsford Real Estate Listings to see the homes listed.

  • Advocacy

An agent is an experienced negotiator and advocate. Buying a home can be stressful and for many people it is the biggest investment of their life and done during major life changes like job relocation or expanding family.  Emotions can interfere with your judgment and you may end up making the wrong decision. A real estate agent will help you to understand your options and advocate on your behalf. A real estate agent will definitely get you the best deal possible.

  • Strong networking power

There are many real estate service providers. During the transaction, you’ll most likely need a lender, real estate lawyer and an inspector. Many people look for agents with a strong personality and style. A real estate agent with experience is most likely to find the best Abbotsford Real Estate for sale. Many clients have questions about home maintenance. A good agent has recommendations for painters, plumbers and general contractors.


Speak with Kristy Dusdal about real estate listings Abbotsford!


There are many benefits that can be reaped from condo ownership; but owning an Abbotsford luxury condominium will gain you even more benefits. The amenities, features and designs are far superior to the average home or apartment and are meant to appeal to the most discerning buyers.  If you’re looking to purchase a condo, consider all that luxury condo living has to offer.


Luxury condos strive to make every feature both inside and out stand out from other structures and buildings in the community. This is achieved by choosing only upscale architecture designs, techniques and themes. For example, rather than using standard brick and siding, upscale condos may use stone and stucco combinations, or a rustic Tuscan villa design.


The interior is equally impressive and luxurious. Stone and marble are typically used for floors and countertops. Oversized tubs are often seen in master suites, giving a spa-like atmosphere. Kitchens are fit for a professional chef, with the most up-to-date appliances and plenty of room to work. Some condos have vaulted ceilings, giving the illusion of even more space.



While looks are certainly an important consideration, it is not the sole reason people buy real estate. Developers understand this and they include features that cater to a fast-paced lifestyle that many condo owners demand.


Common features of luxury condos include: 

  • Stainless steel appliances, built-in and ready when you move in
  • Stain-resistant carpets
  • Copper plumbing
  • Central Vacuum
  • Dual sinks in the master ensuite
  • Water softeners
  • Natural gas stoves for better cooking

Whether you want to relax after a long day at work, or you are hosting a dinner party for your closest friends, your luxury condo is sure to suit your needs and give you the comfortable atmosphere you deserve.



It’s important to feel safe and secure in your own home; that’s why many luxury condominiums provided gated access, with guards on duty 24/7. The security guards maintain a vigilant watch over visitors and maintenance workers who enter the community. Security cameras are also installed around the entire property and monitored regularly. Luxury abbotsford condo owners can also feel more secure by entering their home via the attached garage, which is not accessible to the general public.


View current real estate for sale in Abbotsford


When you are ready to purchase your luxury condominium, you need to choose the best realtors in Langley. Contact me today, or visit my website for more information on how I can help you purchase your own luxury condominium.  View current Abbotsford real estate listings!



Forest fires have always been a part of Canadian summers. According to Natural Resources Canada, approximately 9,000 fires across the country from May to September burn an area roughly the size of Lake Erie. Increasingly erratic weather in recent years has changed precipitation patterns nationwide, causing floods in some areas and droughts in others. Communities that have never had to deal with forest fires are finding the flames licking at their back doors. In Kelowna, B.C., in the summer of 2003, fire destroyed homes in suburban areas and threatened to spread into the main part of the city. Whether you live in a community with a history of forest fires or not, it is wise to be prepared. Your home’s chances of surviving a fire can be greatly improved through careful planning and landscaping.

A fire burning near your property can easily jump to your home via a piece of fiery ash or flames moving through the treetops. You can reduce the chances of your home catching fire by taking the following precautions:


  • Clean roof surfaces and gutters regularly to avoid accumulation of leaves, pine needles and other flammable debris.
  • Wooden trellises, picnic tables, gardening containers and other combustibles should be kept at least three metres away from the house, garage, etc.
  • Store flammable liquids such as gasoline in approved safety containers at least 10m away from occupied buildings.
  • Dispose of stove or fireplace ashes and charcoal briquettes in a fire-safe container.
  • If you have a woodpile, stack it several metres away from buildings and fences and remove any flammable items from around the woodpile.
  • Install tight mesh screens over the flue openings of every chimney or stovepipe. The mesh openings of the screen should not exceed half a centimetre.
  • If you have a wooden deck, it should be treated with a fire retardant. Also, keep the vegetation below the deck moist and trim tree branches that come within three metres of the deck.

Upgrade to non-flammable roofing material such as metal (e.g. aluminium), tile, or composites containing materials such as fibreglass.

You can create a natural fire barrier around your home by minimizing the fuel sources that a fire requires to reach your home; choose fire-resistant plants, and keep your yard and garden moist.Here are some specific suggestions to create a fire barrier:

The level of moisture in vegetation is the most significant factor affecting its combustibility. You may wish to water plants around your home with ‘grey water’—water leftover from washing dishes or bathing. Water can be a scarce resource during a dry summer so reusing this resource will reduce the environmental impact with the added benefit that the soap residue will deter pests on your plants.

The oil and resin in coniferous trees (e.g. pine, fir) render them particularly flammable regardless of their moisture content.In fact, they burn 5 to 10 times faster than deciduous trees because of the oil and resin in the bark and needles. Even though coniferous trees are highly flammable, you do not necessarily need to remove all of them from around your yard. You can reduce the hazard by pruning lower branches and ensuring there is a gap of at least four metres between the tree canopies.

When landscaping, the plants nearest your home should be smaller than those farther away and they should be widely spaced. For example, leave space between rose bushes and intersperse with small flowering annuals. Large trees can safely be planted 10 metres or more from your home and shrubs should be at least three metres from your home.

Trim tree branches that extend to within three metres of your home including any chimney flue openings or exhaust pipes from a wood-burning stove.

Break up the continuity of your garden with decorative rock, gravel and stone pathways. These will help slow the spread of the fire across your property.

Once your annual plants have completed their season and begin to dry out, remove them from your garden and compost them.

Keep your grass trimmed to a maximum of 4 to 5 centimetres and water as needed. The evening is the best time to water your grass because less water will be lost through evaporation.

Many plants are fire-resistant meaning they do not catch fire easily, however, even these types of plants can become tinder for a fire if they are overly dry so be sure to water regularly. Fire-resistant shrubs include Wild Rose, Snowberry, Coralberry, Mountain Lilac, Heather and High Bush Cranberry. Fire-resistant trees and large shrubs include Mountain Mahogany, Common Lilac, Oak, Aspen, and Green Ash. If you live in a rural area, you may need to take some extra precautions, keeping in mind these factors:

Water supplies, fire hydrants, and firefighting equipment may be limited in rural areas. Without a water main or lake nearby, the only source of water may be what the fire truck can carry.

Consider the access to your home by emergency vehicles. Will a bridge with weight restrictions prevent a large fire truck from reaching your home? Is your driveway narrow and steep? Widening a roadway by moving trees, boulders, and other obstacles is prudent.

Some rural fire departments are made up of volunteers. This means the firefighters must get to the station then drive to the scene, which may be far away. Contact your local government to find out what fire fighting services are available in your area and the procedures you should follow in the event of a fire. Forest fires advance at a rate of 0.5 up to 6 kilometres an hour depending on the type of fuel involved and the wind speed. If a lightning strike ignites a fire nearby, you may have very little time to protect your property. Being prepared is the best thing you can do for yourself, your family and your home. Remember, if a wildfire is fast approaching, saving lives is more important than saving a building or possessions. Hopefully, by implementing these suggestions, all will be safe for many summers to come.



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View real estate for sale in Abbotsford and investor alert real estate listings Abbotsford


The last few years have been intriguing for property; the downturn demonstrated even the best speculators can't foresee careful market timings, which is the reason they don't attempt to 'crystal ball' the market. So take after their lead: gain from the past, get master guidance, and check your funds and you will be en route to venture achievement.

Tips for Investment:

Following are a few useful tips for fruitful investment.

1. Select Attractive Property:

It ought to be clean, have good dimensioned bedrooms, off street parking, and ideally situated away from all the noise and main roads. These components will guarantee your property is alluring to tenants and will promise your income stream.

2. Select the Property who’s Value Will Appreciate:

On the off chance that the property is near to a major CBD, beaches, schools, open transport and relaxation facilities it’s more inclined to become by more than the normal in a decent market and is more prone to hold its esteem in a down market. In the event that you purchase around the average value then more individuals can stand to lease it and more individuals can bear to purchase it in the event that you were put into a constrained sale position.

3. Blue Chip:

Low-priced properties are modest in light of the fact that they are not in great interest and there's a lot to look over. It merits paying market sector worth for a decent property in a top suburb instead of attempting to spare by purchasing something nobody else needs.

4. Instant Equity:

Swift redesigns, for example, a paint work, painting the fence, re-carpeting, organizing the garden, , putting in new blinds or curtains, and supplanting the kitchen-cabinet doors can essentially enhance the value of your property.

5. Create a Buffer Through Refinancing:

At the point when your property becomes in worth, refinance to make an emergency "buffer" zone. This will guarantee you can keep on making home loan reimbursements regardless of the possibility that you lose your employment.

6. Get Reliable Tenants:

Procure an expert real estate dealer to guarantee you get dependable tenants and that they pay a decent market rent. Consider securing your current tenants to another 12 month contract. This will help ensure your rental income.

Kristy Dusdal is an outstanding and remarkable realtor of Canada, she is approachable and knowledge, she is available for you 24 hours a day. She believes in complete customer satisfaction. One of the best things about her is her idea that if people are going to pay for a service, they should be able to see and feel the value in what they pay for. You can search the Langley real estate listings at your own convenience. View Abbotsford real estate listings and acreaage for sale in Abbotford

For any kind of queries and information regarding real estate in Langley and Abbotsford feel free to contact Sutton West Coast Realty - Kristy Dusdal one of the local Abbotsford realtors with your questions



The last few years have been intriguing for property; the downturn demonstrated even the best speculators can't foresee careful market timings, which is the reason they don't attempt to 'crystal ball' the market. You can search the Langley real estate listings at your own convenience. For any kind of queries and information regarding real estate in Langley and Abbotsford feel free to contact Sutton West Coast Realty - Kristy Dusdal REALTOR at anytime.


Creating Your Dream Home Office

Email, faxes and voice mail have forever changed the office concept. Gone are the beige furnishings and the daily rush hour commute for many people who work from home. Depending on the type of business you are in, it may be possible to dodge the corporate office full time or a few days per week. Conducting business from home can save time, offer flexible hours and even tax advantages. You may be able to deduct a portion of your property tax, mortgage interest, and other utilities from your income tax. Check with your local taxation office or accountant for details on restrictions.

Before you decide to work from home you may want re-evaluate your "office". Is it simply a poorly lit table with a computer on top? If so, it may be time to get creative. You can build an addition, renovate an existing room or make upgrades to your current workspace. With any of these options, remember that an office space should be attractive, comfortable, quiet and make efficient use of space.

An addition can be as small as six feet wide-just large enough to accommodate a desk, filing cabinets and even a small meeting table. If you do not anticipate needing the office for the life of your home, consider building an addition, which can easily convert to a solarium, den or music room. Certainly the benefit of starting from scratch is designing exactly the space you want. A high ceiling, French doors leading onto a patio or built-in wall shelves are some of the attractive options.

Renovations to an existing room are typically less expensive than an addition and can be equally creative. If you need both an office and an occasional guestroom, why not simply hide the bed until it's needed? A Murphy bed can fold up against a wall and be concealed behind panelling, which matches the room, or a large decorative screen. The reliable standby sofa bed is another option if you have the space. Choose a quality sofa bed, which can furnish a seating area for clients.

A great new design tool is the interactive CD, which allows you to create and view your ideas before you start building that addition, applying wallpaper or installing shelves. Many offer realistic two-dimensional layout and three-dimensional walking tours. You can purchase these CDs at most computer stores and from the Internet. (A good selection is available at including Bob Vila's Home Design program.)

So whether you decide to bring in builders to add a new room or you just want to rearrange your shelves, a home office is the opportunity to create your ideal work environment. If you are working with limited space and funds, remember that a little ingenuity can go a long way. You might discover new uses for items you already have, or invest in furniture that has dual purposes or can be expanded to provide more workspace.

Consider these design tips:

  • Use a low-pile carpet that allows chairs and carts to roll easily.
  • Get colourful. Many office furniture manufacturers will allow you to use your own fabric (such as a floral print to match your living room couch) at no extra charge.
  • Use an old chest to hold hanging files.
  • Modify an antique liquor or tea trolley to hold your computer equipment.
  • An office door with glass panels will help open up a small space, increase brightness and even help you keep an eye on the kids.
  • Refinish an old armoire to match your office furniture and use it as a stylish filing cabinet.
  • Incorporate pullout designs to provide extra space. There are great new options available from keyboard trays to tables and desks.
  • Plenty of natural light will reduce eyestrain, however, ensure that the computer and windows are positioned to avoid glare on the screen.
  • Add a desk lamp lit with a blue "grow bulb" from a garden or hardware store to provide a full spectrum of light.
  • Velcro fasteners on the underside of a desk are cheap, effective means of concealing computer and telephone wires.
  • If you are buying new equipment consider a space-saving multifunction peripheral (MFP) which combines the features of a printer, copier, fax machine and even a scanner.
  • Position your monitor to be arm's length from your body with the top few lines of text at eye level.
  • Your chair should be low enough that your feet rest on the floor or on a footrest.
  • All frequently used equipment should be placed in front of you to avoid twisting.

Once you have that dream home office your spouse may still say you spend too much time at work but at least the commute will be short!


Touch base with local Abbotsford realtors like Kristy Dusdal to discuss real estate for sale in Abbotsford.   Abbotsford has a varlety of property options to choose from. View current Abbotsford real estate listings like farms for sale in Abbotsford or acreage for sale in Abbotsford




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Choosing the Right Houseplants?

There are many factors that are involved in choosing the right houseplant. You do not need to change the environment inside your house to suit the plants. Choose plants that have both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Consider your lifestyle … do you have the time to devote towards taking care of the plants? Are you a “plant dedicated” person?

Take a look around and evaluate the inside of your house and décor. One factor to consider is to make sure the temperature in the room is nice and toasty! The lighting and the direction of the window in that room is also very important to consider.

Does the room have a draft? Make sure to put plants away from a drafty window in the winter time. Certain plants do not like cold temperatures and it is important to consult with plant nursery staff to ensure an optimal growing environment.

Other factors to consider are: What is your decoration style and theme of the room? Is it Oriental, formal, casual, etc? Will the plant enhance the theme, or go against it? Is there an architectural element in the room you want to disguise or highlight? Where you positioned the plant is very important!

Consider the overall look and feel of the room and decide on what visual texture the plant should have. For instance, tall and spiky, tall and wide, big and dramatic, soft and fluffy, small and eye-catching, etc…etc.

Once you have decided where the plant is going to be in the room, you have to decide what type of plants you want in there. This can be difficult for some people especially if they do not know what they want at the first place.

You can buy virtually any type of plants from your local nursery. Your local nursery staff can advise you on the type of plants you are looking for if you provide them with the descriptions of your room and all the aforementioned factors.

Here are some of my personal favorites (ranked by size):

Small plants (at full size, less than 1 foot tall)

  • African violet, cactus, dracaena and maidenhair fern

Medium plants (between one and three feet tall at full size)

  • Chinese evergreen, wax plant, spider plant, and velvet plant

Large plants (usually over 3 feet tall or long)

  • Christmas cactus, jade plant, lady palm, rubber plant and weeping fig

If you are looking for plants that are easy to grow (low maintenance) without much effort, try these: Chinese evergreen, cacti, dracaenas, jade plant and ficus.

If you are “chi” or “yin yang” conscious, you may want to consult a Feng Shui master. The type of plants and the positioning of the plant are very important for the flow of good energy.

Again, if you are still undecided, there are many books about houseplants in the library that you can do your own research before you start your project.


View Abbotsford real estate listings and connect with local Abottsford realtors like Kristy Dusdal to find the perfect home for all your plants.  


See Abbotsford real estate now and happy houseplanting!!




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